Visit Gyula and take a look at the second eldest confectionery in Hungary and if you come that far do not miss the old town’s Almásy Castle, which is the House of the hungarian opera’s founder, Ferenc Erkel. You can also visit the Ladics house, which was built in the 19th century in the style of Baroque, The Bréda Castle, built in the 1800 ,and the nicely renewed Gyulavári castle, the wold famous Gyulai Sausage Museum and the first private museum, the Radio History exhibition.

The Centennial Confectionery

The second oldest confectionery in Hungary, the Centennial Confectionery is operates even longer than it says by it’s name, because it was built and started in 1840.
The beautiful building built in imperial style, with walls covered by paintings and furnished by unaltered original Biedermeier furniture. Offers its traditional cakes, sugar powdered slices, chocolates and ice creams of many different assortments. This confectionery succeeds in taking its guests back in time and in the environment full of bustle of the old fashioned cafes of the last century.
By the 1986 and 2004 restoration they didn’t just give back the vibe of the reform era but they created a confectionery museum too, which offers a great experience for sweet-thoothed guests and fans of history at the same place.
Distance from Komló Hotel: 3 minutes of walk



 Almásy Castle and Visitting Center

A Castle where still a butler greets the visitors, and a room with five hundred keys, which opens every secret part of the mansion. In march 2016 the Almásy-Castle opened it’s gates again and later on it was nominated for Europe’s Top 40 museums. In the renovated buildung a cafe, a museum and a gift shop can be found and the visitors are being guided through the castle and the everydays of their once upon a time residents with the latest technology. Those who enter the building are greeted by the butler, the keylady, the chef and the curtsy lady’s 3D picture. The visitors can watch a movie about the mansion and after that, the adventure begins.

It is a worthy destination of your night time walk, because the floodlit Castle gives an unforgettable experience.

Distance from Komló Hotel: 15 minutes of walk.
About the Castle’s opening hours and tickets you can find more information here.

Erkel Ferenc Memorial House

Erkel Ferenc was born in the city of Gyula in 1810, he was the hungarian opera’s creater and he composed the hungarian national anthem.
The exhibition halls are equipped with modern technology, in one of these halls we can get to know the europian anthems and in another one we can solve riddles in an interactive corner and in a third hall „Erkel-memorial room” to be exact, we can see the personal stuff and relics of the composer mogul.

Distance from Komló Hotel: 6 minutes of walk.


Ladics House

Built on one level in the early nineteenth century, this common baroque house
served as a notary house. Lawyer Dr. György Ladics and his wife were the first to reside here
in 1830 and later in 5 generations of their family lived here.

The house and the exhibition is invaluable for history, and for those who intrested in antropology and sociology because in Hungary there was always a thin layer of civic-intellectuals.
That is what makes the house extraordinary, and on top of that, it’s collection can take you back in time, as it has parts from the reform age, dualism, and two world wars.




Breda Castle

The castle was built around 1806 by Kézdy-Vásárhelyi János and still majestically dominates it’s mediterran castlepark.
We can visit numerous interesting exhibitions, but the main attraction is Europe’s individual outdoor 3D light painting show.



Gyulavári Castle

This beautiful, newly renovated castle is only a few kilometers away from Hotel Komló, and a must see for those who would like to have a matterful relaxation.
The castle is destined to showcase the present and the future at once.



Gyulai Sausage Museum

The collection organization of the world-famous Gyulai Kolbász started in the 80’s and with hard work in 2008 took on a new lease of life and moved to it’s present location.



Exhibition of Radio History

Hungary’s first self-owned museum, Wlassits Nándor’s collection has 120 pieces of radio technics which showcases you 80 years of hungarian radio history.