What is sensolite exactly?

Sensolite therapy service is available in our hotel, which is an individual healthcare service in our region. It’s based on a medical device, which can be used on numerous parts of healthcare.
This technology can send out a polarised light, which penetrates 1 cm deep and reaches the capillary veins. With this sensolite bed you can mobilise your body’s immune system and defensive mechanisms. Due to the therapy, self-healing processes are experienced, so we can efficiently step up against some health problems.

At the beginning of the 1980s a young Hungarian physicist, Márta Fenyő and her research team discovered the stimulative effect of polarized light on all living biological systems, including the significant invigoration of the self-healing abilities of the human body, when used in human therapy. This is mainly explained by the effect of polarized light on the regeneration, revitalization and harmonization of cell function.

The sources of polarized light manufactured earlier were designed to conduct successful treatment of only restricted surfaces at a time. Even this design of the apparatus was highly successful in the treatment of various skin problems, wounds, arthritis, sports injuries, and head skin and hair problems.

When treating the entire surface of the body the polarized light immediately gets through to the blood stream via the capillary veins thanks to the roughly 1 cm penetration depth, thus rapidly transmitting through the blood circulation the biological stimulation effect to all cells and vital organs of the human organism such as the heart, the liver, the stomach, the spleen, the kidneys and the endocrine glands, etc., thereby exerting a systemic effect on their function.
By the Ministry of Health the professional opinion is positive on the sensolite – polarised light therapy bed.

The Sensolite is an accepted and listed medical device in the European Union. The treatment’s effectiveness isn’t just lays on experiences, these positive effects are scientifically recognized facts.


About the treatments please ask at the reception!

In our starting sale it’s only 2 500 – Huf / treatment