Development of Komló Szálló has started in Gyula. The Gyulai Komló Kft. has won 442,943,006 HUF from the EU for the project which is included in the “Új Széchenyi Terv” business purpose accomodation development competition. 

To materialize Komló Hotel, 442,943,006 HUF non-refundable assistance has been won, within the business purpose accomodation development competition, with the identification number of DAOP-2.1.2-12-2012-0040

Komló Szálló, which is owned by the Gyulai Komló Kft. operated as a hotel for almost 100 years. It was the first hotel in Gyula, where many noble people stayed at during its operation. From the mid-90’s it gave place to shops. However, for both, the citizens of Gyula and the architects of the city found this important building an unpleasant sight. It became a public aim to renovate the building in the past years for the city, the citizens, the tourists too all of whom supported the renovation. Current owner of the hotel, István Rapport, due to this support, using his experience in architecture decided to do the reconditioning.

Within the project, new accomodation appeared which enlarged the number of toursits in the Southern part of Hungary and created jobs for 11 people.

Designing the hotel made it possible for 102 person in 34 rooms to stay at. The hotel is used for the guests’ relaxation and comfort moreover, the restaurant, coffee terrace, wellness section and bike-renting and service possibility, and trasfer to the Castle bath as well.